What to do in Highline State Park

Highline Park offers 25 camp sites and 64 picnic sites on the western shores of Highline Lake. Highline is the larger of two lakes in the park, Mack Mesa being the other, that encompass 174 surface acres. A boat ramp lies on the northern shore of Highline Lake. Visitors who require wheelchairs can enjoy access to a fishing pier on the shores of Mack Mesa. A group picnic area, bath house, RV dump station and jet ski rental add to the attractions of this state park.

Most of the recreation opportunities at Highline State Park are water oriented. On Highline Lake boating, water skiing, sailboarding and swimming are popular activities. Mack Mesa Lake is well-known for its early season trout fishing. Hand and electric propelled boat are permitted on Mack Mesa Lake. Visitors can enjoy lush picnicking and camping sites around the lakes.

This State Park is located west of Fruita near the Utah border. The park lies within the Grand Valley north of the Colorado River. The Book Cliffs lie immediately north of Highline and provide a scenic backdrop for activities within the park.

Drive west on I-70 west from Grand Junction to Loma Exit, then north onto Colorado Highway 139 for six miles to Q Road. Go west on Q road for 1.2 miles, then turn north onto 11.8 Road for one mile to the park entrance.

Climate conditions in Colorado should be taken seriously throughout the state. Snow and ice are common on roads and trails from mid-October through late April. In the summer months, snow is still possible but less common. Varying conditions throughout a given day can be expected throughout the year. Remember that summer days can typically have beautiful sunny mornings and short sudden thunderstorms in the afternoon. Please prepare appropriately for your outdoor experience.

1800 11.8 Road
Loma, CO 81524

Phone: 970-858-7208

Email: highline.park@state.co.us
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