Waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii (Comstock)

Jungle Waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii (Hawaii CVB)

Beach in Kauai, Hawaii (Hawaii VCBC)

Wailua River in Kauai, Hawaii (Robert Coello/Hawaii Tourism Authority)

Blue sky, green meadow and road at Kauai, Hawaii (iStockphoto)

Poipu Beach on Kauai, Hawaii, USA (Photodisc)


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What to do in Kauai

With a nickname like “The Garden Island,” little is left to the imagination when it comes to Kauai. And, as with many Hawaiian-island stunners, this is a romance-seeker’s paradise. From blazing sunsets to beaches with sand the color of a Starbucks Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino, the island oozes seduction. Bathe under a waterfall, sleep under the stars, sit atop a bluff and feel the cool island air, but whatever you do, don’t come to Kauai alone. Kauai’s storybook romance starts with a diverse lot of accommodations—from posh beachfront digs to rustic cabins in the dew-dripped rainforest. The story peaks with the island’s ways to get active—shop roadside carts on the island’s east end, ride waves on the north shore, and follow the island’s antiquity in the west through historic sites. It concludes with a renewed love—both for life and the one you deplaned with.

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