What to do in Harrington Beach State Park

Harrington Beach State Park is a lovely day use facility located along the windy shore of Lake Michigan. The park embraces 638 acres with a remote beachfront expanding one mile. Once the site of a limestone quarrying operation, the property was acquired by the state in the mid 20th century thus providing shoreline preservation. In addition to visitors being able to watch shorebirds, the park is located along the Mississippi Flyway attracting serious birders who set scopes alongside Quarry Lake.

The park is a combination of scenic fossil-filled rock outcroppings, wild beachfront, cedar forest and open meadows. A myriad of plant life enriches the park including windswept grasses and sedges, woodlands of basswood, birch, and cedar, and shady understories of hepatica, wood anemones, mayapples, and trilliums that paint the forest floor.

With its beautiful location, Harrington State Park makes for a lovely day use destination. The 638-acre park offers one mile of beachfront that is not heavily used. However, the park does offer a summer bus shuttle service between the beach and an inland parking lot. Swimmers should note that the beach is unguarded and that a strong undertow can occur. Swimming parallel to the shoreline until released from the undertow is advised under such circumstance. Fishing at the park may be done from the Lake Michigan shoreline, Puckett's Pond or the 50-foot deep Quarry Lake. Both the pond and the lake are stocked with trout. Trout and salmon are the rewards of surf fishing in Lake Michigan. Quarry Lake features scenery, a lakeside trail, and good bird watching opportunities. Puckett's Pond offers four paved parking lots, a picnic shelter, and hand-pump water. The pond's southeast parking lot is where the summer bus shuttle service is located. Puckett's Pond also offers Meadow Lark Trail, an unsurfaced path over open area and some high ground leading to Quarry Lake picnic area where hikers can access the paved pathway between Quarry Lake and Lake Michigan. Other hiking opportunities in the park include Quarry Lake Trail, a scenic rim trail around the 26-acre quarry, and White Cedar Swamp Nature Trail, half-mile interpretive walk through an aged swamp. Additional day use amenities include seven designated picnic areas with approximately 100 tables, grills, hand-pump water, full-service concession near the lower parking lot, two sand volleyball courts, and two horseshoe pits. Bicycling is permitted on park roads. The park is open all year from 6 AM to 11 PM. In winter, visitors can enjoy 2.5 miles of cross-country skiing on park roads and ice fishing in Quarry Lake. Snowmobiling is enjoyed in the west end of the park. When visiting in summer, insect repellent is recommended.

Visitors to the day use park of Harrington Beach State Park enjoy summer swimming, fishing at three separate locations, sunbathing, picnicking, horseshoe tossing, volleyball game playing, bird watching, wildflower and nature photography and hiking. The park is open all year enabling access for cross-country skiers and snowmobilers.

Harrington Beach State Park is located approximately 10 miles north of Port Washington along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Access is off Interstate 43 then east on Highway D for 1 mile.

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