What to do in Hapgood State Forest

Hapgood State Forest is located in northern Vermont within Green Mountain National Forest offering downhill and cross-country skiing opportunities. Over 1,300 acres are available to winter sport enthusiasts. The private ski resort offers 50 trails which include 35% novice, 34% intermediate and 31% expert. Total vertical drop is 1,334 feet.

Long Trail hikers find their trail bisecting the Forest. Jay Peak Trail offers 3.5 miles of moderately difficult terrain ascending an elevation of 1,680 feet to the 3,861 Jay Peak. Beautiful views of Green Mountain National Forest, Owls Head (Quebec), and even New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest can be seen.

Hapgood State Forest is leased to a private ski resort offering downhill skiing, snowboarding, instruction and rental. Thirty-five trails include 35% novice, 34% intermediate and 31% expert. Total vertical drop is 1,334 feet.

Access to the Appalachian Trail is provided.

Downhill skiing, snowboarding, equipment rental and ski instruction are offered at Hapgood State Forest. The Appalachian Trail does pass through the State Forest. Also nearby is the Bromley Devalkart and Alpine Slide Attraction which is a mile-long sled ride through a thick woodland along with a scenic chairlift to the peak of Bromley Mountain.

Hapgood State Forest is located west of Peru off SR 11

Winter daytime temperatures average above 18 degrees Fahrenheit (above -8 Celsius). Summer daytime temperatures average above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (above 21 Celsius). Much of the state's precipitation is the result of snow, particularly throughout the mountains. The Places in History Travel Region has an average precipitation of more than 44 inches (more than 112 centimeters). However, along the eastern boundary of this region, precipitation drops between 36 and 40 inches (91 to 102 centimeters).

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