What to do in Hanauma Bay State Underwater Park

This site incorporates state, county and city parks to protect beach, cliff and reef areas. Hanauma Bay itself is a designated marine life conservation district. The park is very popular, consequently, features on land and in water are highly impacted from use. Nearly 1,000,000 visitors come to the site annually.

Hanauma Bay is well known for it's fascinating volcanic features and sheltered swimming area. From the park overlook the beach and reef of the bay are visible. There are a few short trails within the park that provide access to interesting rock formations and ocean overlooks. Caution should be used when hiking on slippery surfaces near the water. (Lava rock is sharp and slippery and the wave action here has swept individuals to there death.) The bay contains a colorful and lively reef with many native and exotic fish, which makes it good for beginner SCUBA divers, intermediate and novice snorkelers. The beach here is long, narrow and lined with palm trees.

Facilities at this state park include showers, phones, picnic areas, restrooms and hiking trails. Lifeguards are on duty, except when the park is closed on Tuesdays. There is a $3.00 (U.S.) entrance fee if you are a nonresident; free entrance - if you can show valid local identification. There is a $1.00 U.S. per car parking fee.

This state park provides access to hiking, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The site is so popular that many nonnative fish know they can obtain food here and frequent the reef area. Anyone visiting the site is asked to be sensitive to the fragile land and seascape.

Hanauma Bay lies on the southern shore of Oahu, a short distance from Honolulu. It can be accessed via Kalaniana'ole Highway east of Hawai'i Kai. The best way to get to Hanauma Bay is to take a bus. Parking can be a problem.

The climate is pleasantly mild on O'ahu throughout the year. Temperatures vary annually between 60 and 90 degrees F. Summer temperatures range from 68 to 82 degrees F with the water usually near 80 degrees. Winter temperatures vary from 61 to 80 degrees F with the water temperature close to 77 degrees. More rainfall occurs during the winter than other seasons of the year and most of it falls on the northeastern or windward portion of the island.

P.O. Box 621
1151 Punchbowl Street, 131
Honolulu, HI 96809

Phone: 808-587-0300

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