What to do in Ha Ha Tonka State Park

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From dark caves to back-country hiking trails to castle ruins perched on a cliff, Ha Ha Tonka State Park is the ideal place for the adventurous. Ha Ha Tonka is a geological wonderland: sinkholes, caves, a huge natural bridge, soaring bluffs, and Missouri's twelfth largest spring.

Fifteen miles of trail traverse the park, leading visitors to spectacular scenery, natural wonders and the famous castle ruins. Accessible, paved walkways and rugged, rocky trails provide every hiking experience, from a casual boardwalk stroll to an overnight backpack trip.

Looming over all is the ruin of the turn-of-the-century stone castle built by a wealthy businessman. The empty shell of this great mansion overlooks Ha Ha Tonka Spring and Lake of the Ozarks from atop a 250-foot bluff.

The Ha Ha Tonka Savanna preserves an excellent example of pre-settlement landscape. Scattered oaks, prairie grasses and wildflowers, open rocky glades and valley woodlands form a savanna mosaic. A seven-mile backpack trail winds through much of this area so visitors can easily explore the savanna.

Rugged terrain, beautiful bluffs, dark caves and a castle on a cliff — bring your camera because Ha Ha Tonka State Park has it all.

There are 20 picnic areas scattered throughout the park available for day use. The park also features two picnic shelters equipped with electricity, picnic tables and an outdoor grill. The shelters are perfect for family gatherings or special outings and can be reserved for $40 per day, or if not reserved, the shelters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at no charge.

Fishing is permitted under statewide regulations at the Lake of the Ozarks access points of the park. Fishing is not permitted in Ha Ha Tonka Spring.

Fifteen miles of trail traverse the park, leading visitors to spectacular scenery, natural wonders and the famous castle ruins. Trails vary from accessible, paved walkways to rugged, rocky trails providing a diverse experience for hikers.

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1491 State Road D
Camdenton, MO 65020

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