High angle view of boats docked near a monastery, Kanoni, Mouse Island, Corfu, Greece (iStockphoto)

Corfu town (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Corfu

The Greek island of Corfu has about as much lore to recommend it as any place on Earth: It was the stomping grounds of Homer and Odysseus, the base for Augustus’s attack against Mark Antony, and the supposed setting inspiration for Shakespeare’s The Tempest . But it’s hard to focus on any of that when confronted with Corfu’s sun-drenched beauty. This lush island gets more rainfall than anywhere else in Greece, and its hillsides, carpeted with wildflowers, cypress trees, and olive groves, are the proof. In the UNESCO-protected old city, flashy Venetian mansions are nearly outshined by the sumptuous backyard gardens that frame them. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too gorgeous for its own good: Hordes of tourists turn up each year, especially in the summer months. Visit in the shoulder season to appreciate Corfu’s natural beauty as The Bard did.

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