What to do in Great Salt Lake State Marina

The Great Salt Lake State Marina provides access to Utah's number one natural attraction, a 2,000 square-mile inland saltwater sea. The park lies on the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake, consisting of a variety of modern facilities and recreation opportunities. Great Salt Lake sits at an elevation of 4,200 feet.

The facilities at this state park are open year round and include picnic tables, a group picnic pavilion, a boat launch, restrooms, showers and a marina. A swimming beach is maintained within the park and drinking water is available on site.

Visitors to this state park will find swimming, picnicking, wildlife viewing, boating and group picnicking opportunities available. The lake seldom freezes so most activities are possible year-round.

The Great Salt Lake Marina lies 16 miles west of Salt Lake City along Interstate 80. The park is on the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake.

This state park lies at an elevation of 4,200 feet within the Great Salt Lake Basin. This area receives relatively mild winter weather in contrast to the mountains surrounding it. Summer temperatures can soar well past 90 degrees F, but the elevation (and afternoon thunderstorms) help to cool the air slightly at night. This region, like the whole state, is generally arid. Most of the precipitation comes in the form of snow, during the winter months, and thunderstorms during the late summer.

P.O. Box 16658
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-0648

Phone: 801-250-1898

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