Grand Cayman, Caribbean (iStockphoto)

Green Sea Turtle, Grand Cayman, Caribbean (iStockphoto)

Stingrays in Grand Cayman, Caribbean (iStockphoto)

Stingrays at the sand bar in Grand Cayman, Caribbean (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Grand Cayman

The millions of tourists who offload from mega-ships into George Town Harbor will most likely never know what lies outside of the blocks of colonial-style buildings, duty-free shops, and hair-braiding stands. But that’s OK because there are plenty of tourist-trodden locales worthy of a visit. Look past the wannabes who don't know a snorkel from a snapper, and appreciate GC’s Stingray City for what it is: an underwater arena. Local fishermen once cleaned their catches there, and over time the open-water site became a veritable diner for large Atlantic southern stingrays. Through the years, these creatures have become friendlier with the two-legged shore walkers. Divers can head to a 12-foot-deep portion; snorkelers make their stop at the Sandbar, just three feet deep. Watch out for the occasional sea turtle or moray, as well.

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