What to do in Golden Hill State Park

Besides resting on the lovely shores of Lake Ontario, Golden Hill State Park's main attraction is the historic Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse. Self-guided tours are available. Camping, picnicking and winter sports are offered as well.

Golden Hill State Park's campsites and boat launch attract anglers interested in the excellent fishing on Lake Ontario. The park also has Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse, an historical site which invites visitors to take self-guided tours. Play fields, Frisbee golf and shoreline hiking are popular activities. In winter, visitors can snowshoe and cross-country ski.

Golden Hill State Park is open year-round with the camping season running from mid-April to mid-October. The list of recreation opportunities at Golden Hill is lengthy: a boat launch, biking, fishing, hunting for small game and waterfowl, Frisbee golf, hiking, a nature trail, picnic pavilions, picnic tables, a children's playground, play fields, power boating, recreation programs, tent and RV sites, showers, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

Golden Hill State Park rests on the shores of Lake Ontario at 9691 Lower Lake Road off SR 18 near Barker.

The Golden Hill State Park area experiences average January temperatures above 22 degrees Fahrenheit (above -6 degrees Celsius). It is important to note that this area receives some of the heaviest snowfalls in the nation. Summer temperatures average around 72 degrees Fahrenheit (around 22 degrees Celsius). Precipitation in the region ranges from less than 36 inches to approximately 40 inches of rain and snowmelt.

9691 Lower Lake Road
Barker, NY 14102

Phone: 716-795-3885

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