Berliner Dome, Berlin, Germany (PhotoDisc)

Charlottenburg Castle, Berlin, Germany (PhotoDisc)

Bodemuseum with Television Tower, Berlin, Germany (iStockphoto)

Bridge in Berlin, Germany (iStockphoto)

Central Station, Berlin, Germany (iStockphoto)

Pariser Platz sign and Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany (iStockphoto)

Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany (Allan Baxter/Digital Vision/Getty)


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What to do in Berlin

These days, you can’t walk a block in Berlin without seeing a poster advertising an underground electro-pop party in an abandoned warehouse, a fashion designer on a bicycle, a currywurst stand (the official unofficial snack here is a pork sausage swimming in tomato sauce and sprinkled with curry powder), or a mirrored-glass building next to a 200-year-old wall pocked with 65-year-old bullet holes. It’s achingly hip, ironic, and culturally rich—what other town has six outstanding museums on one small island in the middle of a downtown river? The past is certainly always present here—the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is right around the corner from the Brandenburg Gate, and you can see both the ancient Pergamon Altar and cutting-edge contemporary art before lunch. Just watch out for the bike-riding fashion designers.

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