Houses and statue in Frankfurt, German (PhotoDisc)

Skyline and bridge, Frankfurt, Germany (PhotoDisc)

Skyline and bridge, Frankfurt, Germany (Digital Vision)


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What to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is home to Europe’s second-largest airport, making it an ideal launching point for many European vacations. But don’t leave town too quickly. Streets are packed with Gothic and Renaissance buildings, and there are more than 30 museums, the largest concentration on the continent. Museum-goers can pick their passion, from the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (architecture) and Deutsches Filmmuseum (film) to the triangular Museum für Moderne Kunst (modern art). Frankfurt is also a financial powerhouse, home to high commerce like Germany’s largest stock exchange and its central bank. After spending countless hours indoors reveling in Frankfurt’s works of the past, those craving some fresh air can certainly catch it—52 percent of the land within city limits is designated green space, and the picturesque Main River cuts through downtown.

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