Sunset over the bridge in Savannah, Georgia (Nat Girish/PhotoDisc)

Lafayette Square, Savannah, Georgia (Savannah Visitors bureau)

Waterfront in Savannah, Georgia (User-submitted)

Savannah, Georgia (iStockphoto)

Savannah, Georgia (iStockphoto)

Savannah, Georgia (iStockphoto)


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Kate rates Savannah
The galleries on and off Broughton Ave. are filled with ecclectic artwork from many students that have attended SCAD. I was amazed by the diverstiy of the artwork as well as competitve pricing. Savannah kind of has the feel that something big is about to happen with lots of new construction downtown and just a general livliness. A new film studio has opened in town called Meddin Studios and with the GA tax incentive, large movie productions are heading east and setting up residence in Savannah. The town has a mix of a historic feel and a modern feel. The French Bistros abound and The Salt Table is worth a visit too. They custom blend salts from all over the world. The pink Himalyan Sea Salt has a really crisp, earthy taste and the Truffle Salt is amazing. Tybee Island is a 20 minute drive from downtown and definitely worth a beach visit.
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