Skyline of Atlanta, Georgia (Photographer's Choice)

Highway and skyline, Atlanta, Georgia (Corbis)

Atlanta, Georgia skyline (Georgia Dept of Econ Development)

Atlanta Georgia Skyline (iStockphoto)


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MrsJBolt rates Atlanta
I'd give Atlanta probably a 2.5... Atlanta is neat to visit the World of Coca-Cola and go to an Atlanta Braves game, but other than that I feel like Atlanta is blah. It has one of the largest aquariums in the US, but with the set-up of the building it is not nearly as intriguing or enjoyable as other aquariums I have been too. The city is hard to navigate and there doesn't seem to be THAT much to do. Yes, you can walk through the building where CNN is & through the Olympic Park...but that's about it for the downtown area. Locals might have better advice on food & neighborhoods outside of downtown, but if you are thinking about doing Atlanta for vacation...I might would skip it.
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Graham rates Atlanta
My Atlanta highlight has to be the The High Museum of Art, which has a fabulous collection of mostly American and European art. There's some big-name visiting exhibits that come here, plus over 10,000 works of art in the permanent collection. The museum campus is also quite visually arresting, particular when you compare to the rather bland, corporate skyline of Atlanta. The rest of Atlanta? Meh. The sprawl and traffic is a big turnoff to me. If you like shopping and access to fancy hotels and restaurants, the Buckhead district is a good choice.
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