Gifts for the Beach-Goer
Present and gift ideas for beach-goers.
Our pick of presents for the beach-goer.
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These picks are just the start of the hundreds of great gear reviews parsed out by our Gearzilla gear experts. Check out more beach picks.

Wiley X Sunglasses
Serious eye protection doesn’t have to look serious, which is why we dig these fashion-forward, functional sunglasses.

Eton Rukus Solar Sound System
Let those on your list with sun-stoked ambitions turn the elements to their advantage with this boom box-style solar-powered sound system.

HiHo Sun-Tek Shirt
If the slogan “Don’t Worry, Keep Paddling” speaks to those on your list who love to kayak across the ocean, it’s the perfect present. They’ll like the slogan, but they’ll love the sun protection this long-sleeved shirt provides.

Seal Line iPhone Case
This simple zip-lock case protects our their precious iPhones from the water and sand, while the audio port lets ususe the phone’s myriad features.

Olukai Maliko Shoe
This split-toe minimalist shoe will turn heads—which the gift recipient may appreciate. But we know they’ll also love the protection, grip, and support the shoe gives while paddleboarding, beach hiking, and wandering in the reef-chocked surf.


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