Six Things to Help Survive the End of the World

Seven items to survive the end of the world
Five of our six picks: including a wine pouch to toast the end, a camera to capture the drama just before the end, a pack to carry all your essentials, a water bottle to offer some hydration, and a firestarter to burn the whole place down.
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We’ve picked six must-have items to have on you when the world comes to an end. Tell us in our comments section what else should be added to the list.


December 12th—the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar—will soon be upon us. And if the world does end as they predict, you probably won’t actually need anything. But these top picks will help you weather the madness that’s sure to lead up to all that doom and gloom.

Cold Cold World Chaos Backpack
The name alone sold us, but this high-volume, 4,000-cubic-inch pack also lets you haul all your goods with ease through hordes of crowds that will be choking the streets.

Clif Family Winery Climber Pouch
We know it ain’t gonna be a party. But we suspect that you may need a drink. These pliable packets of vino will let you toast the Mayan apocalypse without having to lug around the actual wine bottles.

Nothing says "surrender" more than the cold and the dark. This fire-starter will help ward off both eventualities.

Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses
Stare down the exploding sun with these highly tinted shades. And you’ll also benefit from the sunglasses’ polarized, UV-protected lenses—before that fiery orb swallows you whole.

Nikon D3100 Digital Camera
Did you see the movie 2012? We’re talking airplanes dodging crumbling sky scrapers as L.A. falls into a crevasse and volcanoes exploding in Yellowstone National Park. Even if you’re destined to perish, you still want to get the pictures. And this camera also shoots video.

Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Bottle
Combat the dehydrating heat of the sun or the bitter cold of the poles—whichever extreme the gods happen to cast upon the earth—with this go-to water bottle. Insulation keeps hot things hot and cool things cool, and the unfolding situations will certainly drive your thirst.

Published: 15 Feb 2012 | Last Updated: 16 Feb 2012
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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