Seven Things You Don't Need—But You'll Definitely Want This Holiday Season

Moots snow mountain bike
The drool-worthy Moots FrosTi Mountain Snow Bike

Tis the season to shop for others, make lists and check ‘em twice, and—let’s be honest—find a few things for yourself.  The products below aren’t things we’d say an active traveler has to have in their gear arsenal… But we suspect one you hear about ‘em, you’ll start plotting ways to get ‘em.

Ibex Crush Felt Hat
If you love the outdoors, you already have the a winter hat that keeps your head warm. Check out this stylish, pack-friendly lid, however, and you’ll suddenly decide one hat is not enough.

Moots FrosTi Mountain Snow Bike
For most of us, winter brings an unceremonious end to the cycling season. This rig changes everything—and at a price that’ll impress.

Wetterlings Wildlife Ax
This ax does have its practical applications. It can reduce massive logs to chopstick-sized kindling, and it makes a strong weapon against the zombie hordes. But if you think it looks good, just want till you see how nicely it feels in your hand.

Excalibur 3500 Dehydrator
Gourmet beef jerky and granola are all the rage in the hipster enclaves throughout most major cities, which is all well and good. Figure out how to make it—and discover how easy it is to make—and you’ll lose hours playing with recipes and starting your own quiet snack industry.

Eureka! Warrior 230 Remote Control Lantern
Hanging out in the great outdoors is typically an active idea—which is why a remote-control lantern may be the first joyous step toward becoming a camp couch potato.

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife
Most carry matches or a lighter in a nice, water-tight ziplock. But that’s not making fire. This one lets you take flint from the handle to and rake it across the knife blade to create a shower of sparks. That an excess we can endorse.

Specialized S Works Trivent Triathlon Cycling Shoe
The elite athletes likely rejoiced when they saw this show, which boasts a back heel that flips down so that you can transition from water to bike without barely breaking a stride. The rest of us just kinda want it.

Published: 19 Nov 2012 | Last Updated: 20 Nov 2012
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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