Seven Must-Have Items for the Survivalist

Top Survivalist Gear
Gear up for any eventuality with (from left) an ultra-reliable stove, a cold-weather mask, a quick-access multi-tool, a blindingly bright headlamp, and the ultimate in post-apocalyptic apparel.
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We’ve honed in on the seven items we keep near us to survive…well, anything. But we know there’s more. So tell us in our comments section what else should be added.


The right gear means high performance in any environment. But when paranoia grows from playful infancy into an 800-pound gorilla that tells you to bury palates of canned food in the woods near your house, we recommend outfitting yourself with these items, just to round out your kit.

ColdAvenger Pro Soft Shell Face Mask
Not only does this soft shell face mask keep you crazy-warm and insulated from harsh winds, but the built-in ventilator humidifies the cold, dry air—meaning you only have to take it off to drink or eat. And you just look like a survivor, which is almost as important as all that cold-weather protection.

Nau Elimeno Pea Coat
Watch any dystopian sci-fi flick and you’ll see at least one hearty survivalist sporting a heavy pea coat covered in post-apocalyptic dust. This is your version of that coat.

Gerber Crucial FAST Pocket Tool
This multi-tool is much like you: fast, highly skilled, and very handy. Flick your thumb, and a serrated blade is out and ready for action. Or opt for more graceful solutions by using the pliers (needle-nose and regular), wire cutters, or—yes—a bottle opener.

Mountain Hardwear Sprite Three-Season One-Person Tent
Sad to say, but most survivalists have to go it alone. This one-person domicile is light enough to haul for hours, roomy enough to stave off claustrophobia, and easy to pitch and take down. If only it came in camo…

Petzl MYO RXP Headlamp
Finally, a light source that appeals to your OCD-level of detail, with computer-programmable light settings that’ll let you go from blinding pursuers in their tracks to wielding a stealthy dim light with the flick of the finger. And it’s hands-free.

Lowa Mountain Expert GTX Boots
Warm, crampon-friendly, and durable enough to endure several winters, these hardcore mountaineering boots are as versatile as you.

This must-have stove burns almost any kind of fuel, making it a go-to item for when aisles of options have given way to scavenging in a ravished suburb. It also fires like an afterburner at high elevations and boils a liter of water in 2.8 minutes.

Published: 23 Feb 2012
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication



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