Gifts for the Urbanite
Present and gift ideas for the city-goer.
Presents for the urbanite.
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Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT
This three-layer jacket will protect the urbanite on your list from the worst of Gotham’s downpours—but it’ll do so with such fashion-friendly subtly that its myriad tech features will be more Bruce Wane than Batman.

Crumpler Headaitch
The one bag that is in constant use in our testers’ hands is sure to become the go-to bag for any city-dwelling person on your list (or anyone else, for that matter). From hauling gym clothes to travel goods to fresh produce from the local market, the bag will never leave the recipient’s side.

Apres Velo T-Shirts
Help those on your list with a love for cycling and the “scene” wear their affections on their chest by getting them one of these luxe graphic t-shirts.

Rockport trueWalkzero Wing Tip
Got a person on your list with a love for the outdoors and a job that keeps them planted in the concrete jungle for most of the week? Outfit them with these killer kicks, which bring Adidas’ sport-specific soles to Rockport’s fashion-forward leather wing tip with an eye-catching burst of color.

Nau Vice Blazer
This functional jacket consistently ranks among our testers as the best in fashion-forward tech apparel. And those lucky enough to receive this gift will surely join the ranks of the converted.


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