Gifts for the Biker
Our picks for the cyclists.
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These picks are just the start of the hundreds of great gear reviews parsed out by our Gearzilla gear experts. Check out more bike-friendly picks.

Club Ride Go Long Bike Jersey
The skin-tight cycle jersey? We agree, not a good look. Save your friends from similar embarrassment by buying them this fashion-forward jersey. They’ll love all the bike-specific features. You’ll love that you don’t have to see them in spandex.

POC Trabec Race Helmet
Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer (pun intended). Assure that those on your list have the best. This helmet boasts a sharp, forward-thinking aesthetic along with 16 passive vents and padding that can be customized to fit perfectly.

Pearl Izumi Elite Gel Glove
Help the cyclists on your list keep a firm grip on their handlebars with these, the best bike gloves we’ve tested.

Mission Workshop Arkiv R6 Field Pack
We suspect you know people who love to bike…but we’d never expect you to know all the different scenarios that a serious cyclist encounters. Which is why this custom-designed pack is the perfect solution.

Pearl Izumi Barrier Convert Bike Jacket
Think of this as the Swiss Army Knife of cycling jackets: full-weather protection, a bevy of cycle-specific features, and the ability to shed the sleeves and ride in a vest when temps prove tricky.


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