Adventure in Bavaria and Austria

Recommended Gear

Dana Designs Bombpack

While named for the dynamite-packing ski patrollers who first carried these bad boys, this pack really is the bomb. Ready to handle a solid 3,200 cubic inches, it's the perfect size for traveling light. The top pouch offers quick access to essentials, and the rear beaver-tail pocket lets you stuff and strap anything from sandals to a snowboard, while the inside pocket and tube hole make this pack hydration-system ready.

My spruce Bombpack endured two overseas flights and three weeks of travel with flying colors. And as the trip wore on, the pack only got fuller—what with all the chocolate I had to bring home—but I never had a problem hauling everything, even on stairs and on long walks between the hotel and the train station—in the pouring rain, uphill both ways.

Montrail Vitesse Shoes and Superfeet Insoles

I was a little wary of heading off for three weeks with this combo: While dreamily well-fitting around my heels, the Vitesse soles weren't quite right. So I added the Superfeet insoles on the recommendation of a fellow GORPer and gear-head, which corrected the curve but added a lot of stiffness.

After loading up my pack on day one and sinking into the original, smooshy insoles, I was happy to have brought the extra-supportive Superfeet. Even with three weeks of sightseeing, scrambling, biking, and just plain standing, my shoes and soles ended up being the last thing on my mind.


Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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