St. Tropez, French Riviera (PhotoDisc)

Boats in St. Tropez, Cote-d'Azur, Provence, France (ABEL/Digital Vision/Getty)

Saint Tropez, France (iStockphoto)

Saint Tropez, France (iStockphoto)

Saint Tropez, France (Photodisc)


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What to do in Saint Tropez

Seaside resort towns favored by the rich and famous often lose the laid-back, idyllic charm that landed them on the holiday circuit in the first place—glitzy, trite hotels spring up along formerly quiet stretches of sand, and pricey wine bars supplant cozy cafés. But Saint Tropez is a rare French Riviera exception. Here, the A-list crowd rubs shoulders comfortably with vacationing families and locals. There are yachts in the snug marina, sure, but also humble sailboats and jet skis. Bohemian artists set up easels in the cobblestone streets next to celebs hiding behind massive sunglasses. And residents stroll garden-lined walking paths next to sun-tanning models. The balancing act here has serious longevity: The village has been toeing the line since famed French beauty Brigitte Bardot retreated here in 1958.

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