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The Pré-Giroud Fortress 1939 - 1945

Vallorbe, Switzerland

Distance: 14.7 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Could there have been a better place than the pastures of Pré-Giroud for keeping watch over... Read More

Château de Prangins

near Nyon
Prangins, Switzerland

Distance: 15.7 mi. (from destination center)

Description: The Château de Prangins was built in the 18th century by Louis Guiguer, a Swiss banker living... Read More

Romainmôtier Abbey

Romainmôtier, Switzerland

Distance: 17.6 mi. (from destination center)

Description: The abbey of Romanmôtier is a marvel of Roman art. It is the largest and oldest roman church... Read More


The Roman Mosaics

Orbe, Switzerland

Distance: 21.5 mi. (from destination center)

Description: The most beautiful Roman mosaics north of the Alps lie within a walled Gallo-Roman town measuring... Read More

Hermance Ville et Plage

Route d'Hermance 1248
Hermance 1248 Switzerland

Distance: 22.2 mi. (from destination center)

Description: On your way to Hermance Beach (the closest one to Geneva) take the route along the coast. You'll... Read More

Museé Baud

Grand Rue 23
L'Auberson, Switzerland

Distance: 22.7 mi. (from destination center)

Description: The BAUD Museum is a paradise for lovers of mechanical musical instruments. The unique collection... Read More

Boat Cruises on Lake Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Distance: 23.5 mi. (from destination center)

Description: It is like a whole festival of chateaux, prestigious stately residences, marvellous landscapes and... Read More

CIMA Museum (Centre International de la Mécanique d'Art)

Rue de l'Industrie 2
Sainte-Croix, Switzerland

Distance: 23.9 mi. (from destination center)

Description: In 1796 Antoine Favre made the first music box. Sainte-Croix has been recognised as the world... Read More

Lac LĂ©man (Lake Geneva)


Distance: 25.2 mi. (from destination center)
Expert Rated & Recommended

Chambesy Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Chemin de l'Impératrice 1 Chambésy
Geneva, Switzerland

Distance: 25.8 mi. (from destination center)

Description: A lake is decorated with aquatic plants. This is an arboretum with extremely varied wildlife and... Read More

Here are results 1-10 of 55