What to do in Fort Point State Park

Fort Point State Park is located south of Stockton Springs on the peninsula of Cape Jellison in Penobscot Bay. Visitors enjoy this beautiful location for fishing and picnicking. There are no overnight facilities, but there are interesting historic attractions.

The 154-acre park is located adjacent to Fort Pownall and Fort Point Light. There is a 200 foot pier at the park which accommodates those arriving by boat. The day use facility is primarily used for those wishing to picnic and fish. The historic attractions nearby make for an interesting tour. Fort Point Light is a lighthouse built back in 1836 under the orders of Andrew Jackson, founder of the Democrat Party and America's seventh President. As the site of two revolutionary battles, the lighthouse is a 31 foot high brick tower resting on a granite foundation.

Fort Point State Park off U.S. Route 1 in Stockton Springs, on the tip of a peninsula jutting into scenic Penobscot Bay, is an excellent picnicking or fishing spot. Rustic historic attractions are on-site. A good way to visit this park is to arrive by boat and picnic at the ocean side sites.

A lovely lighthouse and keeper's house is on the property.

Off-season visits permit walking around the entrance gate but the road back to the ocean and picnic grove is long and lonely.

The park is located off U.S. Route 1 in Stockton Springs, on the tip of a peninsula jutting into scenic Penobscot Bay at Cape Jellison.

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RR 1, Box 958
Stockton Springs, ME 04981

Phone: 207-941-4014

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