What to do in Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

Primarily a swimming and surfing park, Fort Pierce is the site where the U.S. Navy Seals and the Navy Underwater Demolition Team trained. The coastal park of Fort Pierce also serves as the headquarters for two nearby day use parks: Jack Island State Preserve and Avalon State Recreation Area. Multi-use trails and a variety of water sports attract visitors to these three eastern Florida parks. Bird-watching is particularly successful at Jack Island and Dynamite Point within Fort Pierce Inlet State Recreation Area.

Located on the north shore of Fort Pierce Inlet, this 340-acre park of Atlantic beach, dunes and coastal hammock provides hours of fun. Adjacent Jack Island on the Intracoastal Waterway is a bird-watcher's paradise.

Recreational activities include swimming, surfing, picnicking, hiking, beaches, biking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, youth camping, and wildlife viewing. From January to June of each year, take a leisurely, ranger-guided walk through one of the few remaining stands of coastal hammock in South Florida. Observe plants native to this region. Walk lasts approximately one hour. Please call the park to make reservations.

Fort Pierce Inlet State Recreation Area is located four miles east of Fort Pierce, via North Causeway.

The eastern coast of central Florida is usually hot and humid with thunderstorms throughout summer. Average summer temperatures range between 81 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit (27 - 29 Celsius). Winters are mild and dry with temperatures averaging 58 - 64 degrees Fahrenheit (14 - 18 Celsius). Typical yearly precipitation ranges from less than 52 inches to about 56 inches. Lightweight clothing and sunscreen are highly recommended during the summer months. Sweaters and jackets are appropriate attire in winter.

905 Shorewinds Drive
Fort Pierce, FL 34949

Phone: 561-468-3985

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