What to do in Fort King George State Historic Site

From 1721 - 1736, Fort King George was the southern outpost of the British Empire in North America. A cypress blockhouse, barracks and palisaded earthen fort were constructed in 1721 by scout men led by Colonel John "Tuscarora Jack" Barnwell. The settlement, called Darien, eventually became a foremost export center of lumber until 1925. Using old records and drawings, this 18th century frontier fortification on the Altamaha River has been reconstructed for public tours. A museum and film cover the Guale Indians, the Santo Domingo de Talaje mission, Fort King George, the Scots of Darien and 19th century saw milling when Darien became a major seaport. In addition to the fort replica, remains of three sawmills and tabby ruins are still visible.

Touring the fort and the museum are the main attractions at the site. There are not any outdoor activities offered at this historic site.

Fort King George State Historic Site is located in the Coastal Region of southeastern Georgia. The site is found in Darien, 3 miles east of I-95 off of exit #10.

Georgia has a warm climate, especially in the southern regions of the state. Expect high temperatures and humidity levels during spring and summer months. The area can offer a relatively warm escape for snow-free outdoor recreation during the winter months.

P.O. Box 711
Darien, GA 31305

Phone: 912-437-4770

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