What to do in Fort Columbia State Park

Fort Columbia State Park covers 592.6 acres with 6,400 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River. The park offers 26 picnic sites, two Interpretive Centers, and parking for 225 cars. In addition, the Recreation Commission entered into an agreement with the American Youth Hostel Association for the operation of a youth hostel in the park.

Activities at the park include picnicking, observation of historical fortification, hiking, and visitation of the Interpretive Center.

Fort Columbia State Park, in south coastal Washington, is located in Pacific County on Highway 101, two miles southeast of Chinook.

Washington's climate varies with each region. The Cascades split the state and alter weather patterns. Western Washington is temperate, due to the coastal geography. The water is a stabilizing force for the climate, making extreme temperatures rare. The area receives large amounts of rainfall from Pacific storms and some snow during winter months.

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