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What to do in Fort Lauderdale

It was the hit 1960 film Where the Boys Are that made it fashionable for hormone-driven teens to travel to the beaches of Fort Lauderdale. The city has had to deal with the “Sun and Suds” persona ever since. But while hoards of spring-breakers overran this coastal town in the 80s, Fort Lauderdale has since grown up and graduated to a more sophisticated crowd—now businessmen cruise up in yachts in the Venice-style waterways that interlink the coast to the city. Most of the run-down beach motels and guesthouses thrown up during the poor-student heyday have been replaced by slick high-rise hotels with gourmet cafés serving the day’s fresh catch. And the grandeur of the beach is still there, just now you don’t have to compete with keg stands to get a spot in the sand.

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MrsJBolt rates Fort Lauderdale
First off, Fort Lauderdale is's south's suppose to be! And the Las Olas area (towards the south end of Ft Lauderdale) is a really fun area for restaurants and shopping, BUT with anything near's expensive. Food is expensive, hotels are expensive, but you can find some deals on flights and car rentals, which may even out the budget... If you are dying to get away from the winter blues for a weekend in the sun definitely head to Fort Lauderdale (especially over Miami & South Beach, unless of course you like the guidos & barely clothed club goers). Fort Lauderdale has all the glam without being un-classy. Plus you're a few minutes from Miami in case you want to get your fill of South Beach and all it has to offer.
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