Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Visit Florida)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (iStockphoto)

Intracoastal Fort Lauderdale (iStockphoto)


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MrsJBolt rates Fort Lauderdale
First off, Fort Lauderdale is's south's suppose to be! And the Las Olas area (towards the south end of Ft Lauderdale) is a really fun area for restaurants and shopping, BUT with anything near's expensive. Food is expensive, hotels are expensive, but you can find some deals on flights and car rentals, which may even out the budget... If you are dying to get away from the winter blues for a weekend in the sun definitely head to Fort Lauderdale (especially over Miami & South Beach, unless of course you like the guidos & barely clothed club goers). Fort Lauderdale has all the glam without being un-classy. Plus you're a few minutes from Miami in case you want to get your fill of South Beach and all it has to offer.
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