Sunset over Key Largo, Florida (Florida Keys CVB)

Fishing in Key Largo, Florida (Bob Krist/Florida Keys News Bureau)


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Lacy rates Key Largo
Although it's in Florida, Key Largo isn't the beach vacation that many have imagined. Scuba diving is king around here, that and drinking alcohol. Scuba diving companies line the one main road that leads you through this tiny laid-back town. Off roads are often gravel, and houses often have weathered boats parked in front of them. There are several little bars that you can go for a drink after a day on the water. A gourmet meal is hard to come by, but there are a couple ma and pa type restaurants that will grill up your day's catch. The anything goes attitude in Key Largo can be intoxicating to the outsider, though I found it a bit suffocating after a longer stay. If you're looking for a quiet getaway to get certified as a diver, and you don't need any of the fancy resorts, Key Largo is for you!
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  • What's the best dive shop in Key Largo?
    I'm looking to go on a dive trip to Key Largo. I'm wondering what the best dive shop is in town. I'm looking for a friendly crew that knows the best spots on the reef and wrecks to explore. I'm an experienced diver, but haven't explored the keys before.

    Asked on June 17, 2011 by  Pete | 124 views

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