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What to do in Miami Beach

Connected to the city of Miami by a series of bridges, Miami Beach can feel worlds away. This barrier island is just 18 square miles, only seven of which are above water, with nearly 100,000 residents stacked on top of each other in towering condos. Included in this enclave of bronzed skin is Millionaire’s Row, a stretch of prime real estate reserved for those willing and able to sacrifice their bank accounts to the sun gods. And of course there’s South Beach, Miami’s answer to L.A.’s glitz. This infamous stretch of sand is where the genetically (or surgically) blessed come to mingle. But don’t overlook this warm-weather getaway if you’re not a flaunter; come to gawk at the interesting Art Deco architecture, dine on some of the most authentic Cuban grub this side of the Gulf of Mexico, and hit the nightclubs with your highest heel.      

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rita rates Miami Beach
The trees and flowers, the warmth of the air,the friendly people are the three things Iliked best about Miami.
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