Wintery Lapland, Finland (iStockphoto)

Lapland, Finland (iStockphoto)

Lapland, Finland (iStockphoto)

Husky sledding, Lapland, Finland (iStockphoto)

Winter road in Lapland, Finland (iStockphoto)

Lapland (Hemera)

Reindeer on Winter Landscape Lapland (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Lapland

High in the Arctic, the Finnish province of Lapland (consisting of four cities spread between the upper reaches of Finland and Sweden) is a mystical place where reindeer roam—and the sun wreaks havoc on your internal clock. During winter, it’s bone-cold and dark, but still worth visiting for its ski resorts, aurora borealis, and Ice Hotel, the world’s largest lodging made of snow and ice. In summer, the sun shines around the clock, drawing residents out for mountain biking, fly-fishing, and hiking. Lapland is home to the Nordic’s indigenous Sami reindeer herders, but its most famous resident is the big man himself: Santa Claus. And he’s as important to Lapland as Mickey is to the Magic Kingdom. His official headquarters are in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi—don’t miss Santa Park and Santa Claus Village—but he’s also said to reside on the tunturis (jutting fells) of Korvantunturi.

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