Polish Delight

Not commonly listed in the annals of great European ski locales, Poland’s Zakopane begs to differ.
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Pretty in White: Poland's Tatra Mountains hold a secret stash well within reach of most major Euro hubs. (courtesy, Polish National Tourist Office)
Pope on a Rope Tow
Go deep in Poland's Tatra Mountains , where the forests are soulful, the slopes steep, and the trails most holy.

A word of warning about Zakopane: Beware of the booze.

While the skiing is great, the hospitality excellent, and the scenery stunning, the local grog could leave you with more than just a sore head. Having been invited to sip a traditional shooter ("mad dog") by a guy I met en route to this sleepy ski town in the Tatra Mountains, I duly accepted—only to discover it was 95 percent alcohol. With one of the key ingredients being Tabasco sauce, it felt like someone was trying to strip the roof of my mouth with a potato peeler.

Armed with this heads-up about the perils of Polish drinking culture, however, you’re now ready to take to the hills...

Published: 27 Oct 2005 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication

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