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SEPTEMBER: Dordogne Valley, France
Less acclaimed than Provence or the Loire Valley, the Dordogne matches them in charm and beauty. With castles, medieval villages, and plunging white cliffs at every bend, the Dordogne is ideal for hiking, cycling, or canoeing. And of course, eating and drinking. "I'm not a big fan of foie gras," says Greene. "But it was unbelievably good in the Dordogne."

OCTOBER: Okavango Delta, Botswana
"Everybody should go on a safari at least once in their life," says Greene. "It's one of the great travel experiences." Botswana is much less crowded than Kenya. And for those who have graduated beyond the checklist mentality of the mass-market vehicle safari, the Okavango Delta offers a real African wildlife experience: game-viewing by foot, dugout canoe, or even on elephant-back. As a bonus, spectacular Victoria Falls and the renowned whitewater rapids of the Zambezi River are just next door in Zimbabwe.
NOVEMBER: Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Near the sleepy Cambodian town of Siem Reap, a hundred ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples rise from the jungle. Some excavated and partly restored, some still entwined by trees and vines, the temples are all that remains of the ancient city of Angkor, seat of ancient Khmer civilization. "The sense of history and mystery is extraordinary," says Greene. "And the Cambodian people are even friendlier than the Thais, if that's possible."

DECEMBER: Valdez Peninsula, Argentina
Along the Atlantic coastline of desolate Patagonia lies a wildlife paradise, where seals cavort, birds flock, and right whales come to spawn. Snorkeling among these behemoths, Greene had his flippers knocked off by a curious whale, which then proceeded to surface just in front of him. "His tail came up literally right in front of my face and blotted out the sky. It was amazing."

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