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MAY: The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
"I spent my honeymoon there, so you know how I feel about the place," says Greene of the isolated archipelago made famous by Charles Darwin in 1835. "Basically, it's a week-long sailing trip, which is a pretty good start. Then you've got amazing interaction with wildlife that seems to have no fear of humans—iguanas, tortoises, all sorts of birds. I happen to be a particular fan of the blue-footed boobie. Don't ask me why. My most memorable experience there—okay, my second-most memrable—was snorkeling among a pack of sea lions that just wanted to play with us."

JUNE: Phang-Nga Bay, Thailand
"This place is what Phuket used to be, before it became a party island. It's got the same beautiful beaches and great food, without all the people. The scuba diving and snorkeling are fantastic, but my favorite thing is sea kayaking among the limestone karsts, these tall, narrow islands that jut out of the sea. Some of them have caves that you can paddle into that bring you out into lagoons in the center of the islands. Incredible."
JULY: Bergen, Norway
"It's a town of great color and character surrounded by the most beautiful fjords in the world. The seafood is great—we had smoked salmon for lunch every day. But the best part is the hiking and biking you can do on daytrips out from town." Range a bit further north, and you can walk on glaciers. (Be forewarned that prices in Norway are absurdly high, but then you've won the lottery, so it doesn't matter, does it?)

AUGUST: Coast of Maine
"I love the craggy, rocky, beach feel of Maine," says Greene. The best way to explore it is in a sea kayak (Penobscot Bay is the kayaking hotbed). Hiking, mountain-biking, and rock-climbing in Acadia National Park aren.t far behind. Swimming, however, is for the masochistic or wet-suited only; ocean temps typically peak at around 55 degrees. Don't forget the food. "I ate lobster morning, noon, and night," concedes Greene. "The only thing I didn't eat was lobster ice cream."

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