Top Ten Volunteer Vacations

Our friends at AdventureFinder dish on their favorite do-good, feel-good trips around the world.
loggerheard turtle with barnacles on its shell
Volunteer vacationers in Baja, Mexico, study a loggerheard turtle with barnacles on its shell. (courtesy, SEE Turtles)

1. Baja Camping & Wildlife
Join SEE Turtles and Baja Expeditions for a unique camping trip in Baja. Your first hand participation in this trip will directly support community-based conservation of endangered green sea turtles while at the same time provide an alternative income to fishing and help to train local community members in ecotourism.
Learn more about the Baja Camping & Wildlife Adventure

2 Re-Greening the Grand Canyon
The burgeoning masses of visitors to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon have contributed to an alarming decline in the native vegetation - especially on the South Rim. Take an opportunity to help reverse that decline by restoring critical native vegetation while at the same time experience the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.
Learn more about Re-Greening the Grand Canyon

3. Amazon Animal Rescue
Enjoy a unique opportunity to work with wild animals while living in a spectacularly beautiful area in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Volunteers are responsible for the daily caretaking of the animals at the Amazon Animal Rescue Center, including feeding the animals, cleaning the enclosures, maintaining the center and more!
Learn more about the Amazon Animal Rescue Adventure

4. Historic Bartlow-Pell Conservancy Service, NYC
Tucked inside Pelham Bay Park is the historic Bartow-Pell mansion. Like many urban areas, New York City has a severely under-budgeted parks department. That is why the 60 acres surrounding the mansion are overgrown. Help to clear these areas on this 8-day volunteer vacation through Sierra Club Outings.
Learn more about the Historic Bartlow-Pell Conservancy Service Trip

5. Cachiccata Group Service Project
Work side-by-side with local family members in Peru's Cachiccata community on cleaning, repairing and restoring homes, planting native trees and visiting school and supporting a healthy breakfast project. Stay in the community campground each night to immerse yourself in the village life.
Learn more about the Cachiccata Group Service Project

6. Project El Salvador
Enjoy the highlights of El Salvador including Mayan pyramids, unique archeological sites, colourful colonial villages, then volunteer on a highland coffee farm. Be part of an ecotourism program in Central America's most undiscovered ecotourism destination.
Learn more about Project El Salvador

7. Marine Conservation Volunteer Program in the Seychelles
Join critical conservation efforts on this marine expedition in the Indian Ocean, just off the Seychelles. Spend your time scuba diving around the coral reef, collecting research data on coral and fish species, helping with whale shark migration surveys, turtle nesting research and octopus and lobster surveys.
Learn more about the Seychelles Conservation Volunteer Program

8. Trinidad & Tobago Ultimate Wildlife Adventure
SEE Turtles and Reefs to Rockies offer an opportunity to witness sea turtles on beautiful Caribbean beaches on Trinidad and Tobago. Visit one of the world's most important leatherback nesting beaches, snorkel pristine coral reefs, enjoy rainforest hikes, kayak in the sea and wetlands and support local turtle conservation efforts.
Learn more about the Trinidad & Tobago Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

9. Galapagos Volunteer Experience
Island hop, volunteer and travel - all in one experience! Working in conservation stations in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands with reforestation of endemic plants. End your program on the fascinating island of Isabella, visiting the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, Las Tintorera Islet (white-tip sharks) and more!
Learn more about the Galapagos Volunteer Experience

10. Zambia Community Work & Safari
Make a difference on this adventure safari in Zambia, highlighted by a five-day hands-on volunteer project. Round out this great African experience with some amazing game viewing by boat in Chobe National Park, stunning views of Victoria Falls and a journey into the world-renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Learn more about the Zambia Community Work & Safari Adventure

Published: 4 Aug 2009 | Last Updated: 17 May 2011
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