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5. Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa & Resort
Calistoga, California
While most towns in northern California's Napa Valley are known for wine, Calistoga is also known for mud. Calistoga mud baths have been a tradition since the time of the Mayacamas Indians, but it took a fast talking entrepreneur from the East Coast to refine the idea by reining in the thermal springs at the foot of Mount St. Helena and opening the Calistoga Hot Springs Resort in the 1860s. Today there are more than half a dozen places to wallow in the mud in tiny Calistoga. At the Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa & Resort, a romantic getaway includes lying side-by-side in tubs filled with mud made from volcanic ash, peat moss, and clay mixed with hot-springs water. Couples get a relaxing soak, followed by an aromatic rinse and traditional spa treatment.

4. Hotel Hershey
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Well wouldn't you just know that Hotel Hershey, in the heart of the most chocolate involved town in the United States, would have a spa that incorporated the town's famous product. Chocoholics will surely experience Nirvana, though deciding which sweet treatment to choose could be tough. What could be more chocolate exotic than being exfoliated with cocoa bean husks and walnut shells and then coated with Cocoa Body Moisturizer? Other tantalizing chocolate infused treatments include soaking in a foaming chocolate milk bath, being wrapped in chocolate fondue, and getting massaged with chocolate scented oil. But, a word of warning, while there are no calories involved in the treatments, it's highly likely that you'll be lusting for a serious chocolate infusion after leaving the spa.

3. Caesars Palace
Las Vegas, Nevada
Trust Las Vegas to carry a theme to the absolute max, and Caesars Palace is no exception. Its spa experience goes back to the days of Caesar himself with its emphasis on ancient Roman bathing rituals favored for their natural healing properties. At Caesars the baths are separated into three pools. The ritual starts with a plunge into the Tepidarium, the largest pool, which is filled with warm mineral-enriched water. Next a soak in the Caldarium's hot waters eases tension and soothes muscles. And, just before you nod off, hop into the chilly invigorating Frigidarium. Follow this with a water massage or a snooze in a Thermal Stone Deep Relaxation Chaise before heading off for a spa treatment or a trip to The Laconium sauna, inspired by the ancient Roman steam baths.

2. Hacienda Temozon
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Hacienda Temozon, in the Mexican state of Yucatan, is a lovely restored 18th-century hacienda turned luxury hotel. The spa is run by local Mayas who, following in the footsteps of ancient Mayan masseuses known as sobadoras or bone healers, strive to restore tranquility and energy. The Mayan and Sobada Massages follow traditional methods, while the Aloe Vera massage and Clay Body Wrap use natural ingredients. Though there are treatment rooms in one of the hacienda buildings, for a unique experience, consider having a treatment in the hacienda's cenote. Created by fresh-water rivers flowing underground through porous limestone, cenotes are natural sink holes. The spa cenote is buried deep in a cave, and treatments are preformed by candlelight, surrounded by flower petals.

1. Barnsley Gardens Resort
Adairsville, Georgia
Barnsley Gardens Resort's 1,400 landscaped acres isn't the only place you'll be assailed by flowers, plants, and herbs. At the resort's spa you can literally come out smelling like a rose. Barnsley Rose Body Treatment starts with a dry-brushing, followed by a rubdown using organic rose body oil. Gentle exfoliation is followed by a steam permeated with essential oils of chamomile and rose. And a massage with organic rose oil is finished off with moisturizing rose body lotion. If roses aren't your thing, there's the Herb Garden Mud Wrap. The Fossil Fusion Mineral Mud Wrap is infused with a blend of 22 herbs to encourage hydration, relaxation, and vitality. You can also be exfoliated using crushed walnut shells or have an avocado body mask.

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