Top Ten Destination Wedding Locations

Destination weddings often seem like the perfect way to get married, until you get into the logistics of where, when, and how. We straighten it all out for you here, and guide you through our favorite destination wedding locations.
Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
The Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa is one of several places that hosts destination weddings on tiny Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. (courtesy, Rarontongan Beach Resort & Spa)

You're tying the knot. You have the ring, the dress, the man (or woman)—now, you just need to pin down a locale, and you're not sure what to do or where to do it. Whether a hometown wedding is simply out of the question (hey, we don't blame you), or you merely want an excuse for one big party on some tropical island with your closest friends and family in attendance, the options of where to host your destination wedding are endless—not to mention, overwhelming—as the majority of resorts and islands all over the globe offer some sort of wedding package to suit your every need.

But think through it first. Several factors should come into play when weighing the pros and cons of where to say "I do." If you're inviting quite the lengthy list, consider if the venue will be accessible to the majority of guests. Is there accommodation that is large enough to host them all, not to mention options on the affordable side, so no one is put in an awkward position? Do you have a particular theme in mind, like a castle in Cork, Ireland, or Mediterranean romance in Positano, Italy? Is there any red tape in terms of getting your marriage license? Is it going to be so costly that you might as well eschew the thought of a destination wedding entirely and opt for a blowout of a honeymoon instead?

You have questions; we have answers. Read on to find ten perfect destination wedding locales and why we deem them so.

10. Palau, Oceania
9. Coastal Maine
8. Paphos, Cyprus
7. Little Palm Island, Florida
6. Lizard Island, Australia
5. Cabo san Lucas, Mexico
4. Tabernash, Colorado
3. St. Kitts, Caribbean
2. Muir Beach, California
1. Rarotonga, Cook Islands



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