Top Ten Destination Wedding Locations

St. Kitts

3. St. Kitts
Picture this: Glorious sunshine, tropical setting, a train pulls up and deposits you and your spouse-to-be at the site of your nuptials. You can have all this and more on the island oasis of St. Kitts. The only Caribbean country to lay claim to a scenic passenger railway, St. Kitts is adorned with plantations and rolling sugarcane fields shimmering against a glittering sea. Following the ceremony, guests can reboard the train for the reception and continue on their merry way back to their hotel (or, more likely, the bars of Basseterre).

The final car of the train consists of a bedroom where the newlyweds can stay once the fete is over. The conductor simply has to "un-couple" the bedroom car so the newlyweds can enjoy their secluded romantic setting overnight while the guests continue to party on their way back to town. The newlyweds are then picked up by the train the following day.

From St. Kitts, feel free to hop next door to its sister island, Nevis, for your actual honeymoon (neglecting to tell your guests, of course, where you'll be, lest they be inclined to follow). Located in the Leeward Islands of the West Indies archipelago, Nevis is just eight miles long and six miles wide, yet it has a natural beauty that is unparalleled. The Spanish explorers called it "Nuestra Senora de las Nieves" (Our Lady of the Snows) as a tribute to the white clouds surrounding the island's central volcanic peak. Its green foothills support tropical rainforests, secluded valleys, historic plantations, and the remains of sugarcane fields, while the turquoise waters lap palm-fringed beaches.

Published: 7 Dec 2009 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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