Top Ten Destination Wedding Locations

Paphos, Cyprus

8. Paphos, Cyprus
Known as the "Island of Aphrodite," the goddess of love, it's no wonder couples gravitate toward this Mediterranean isle when searching for a site for their nuptials. Because the majority of accommodations have on-site chapels, Cyprus is the perfect spot for those who desire a religious ceremony in paradise. At the Anassa Hotel, for example, you can wed in a Byzantine chapel in a recreated village square, surrounded by lavender-fringed paths and scarlet bougainvillea. Or at the Elysium, marry on the front patio of a church with the waves of the Mediterranean crashing in the distance.

If you prefer to get out of Cyprus's capital, Paphos, to a smaller town instead, consider the port city of Limassol, which boasts the quaint boutique Londa Hotel. Located on a small beach and commanding spectacular seafront views, the Londa is a five-star deluxe hotel outfitted by an Italian designer. Its restaurant Caprice can cater your rehearsal dinner and reception, so you have no need to leave the property for your entire wedding weekend. At the Londa, you even have the unique option to rent out the entire place, comprising 68 guest rooms, a spa, fitness center, lap pool, and more, for $15,000. The ease of the marriage process is another appeal of Cyprus: A license costs around $400, and you need apply only three days in advance.

With more than 10,000 years of human history—seen in spectacular mosaics dating back to 4 B.C., palace ruins, and an incredible amphitheatre located on a cliff-top over the sea—Cyprus can be covered from tip to tip in three hours' time by car. All major towns, save the capital of Paphos, boast sprawling beaches. In winter months, you can ski in the mountains and then come down to Limassol—45 minutes by car—and swim in the sea. The Troodos Mountains tower nearly 6,000 feet above the sea and offer gorgeous views, as well as nine Byzantine churches and a cluster of monasteries to explore. Many of the tourist attractions are connected to mythology, though other famous facets from the island include brandy, lacework, and wine.

Published: 7 Dec 2009 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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