Top Ten Destination Wedding Locations

Palau, Oceania, North Pacific Ocean

10. Palau
If I had it to do all over again, I'd book my family on the first westbound flight to Palau to watch my husband and me tie the knot, if for nothing else to say I got married in, well, Palau (a spot I guarantee many of my friends think is some mythical land). An island nation archipelago in the North Pacific, this entity in Micronesia couldn't be more dreamlike. You can swim with dolphins, dive with sharks, sample the best spa treatments the country has to offer, visit historical sites on Peleliu, or just relax on silky-sand beaches and work on your tan, an umbrella-clad drink in each hand.

Logistics in planning a Palau shindig aren't as difficult as you may think. Continental Airlines flies to Palau out of Houston and Los Angeles, connecting in Honolulu and Guam. And your guests can book a stay at the five-star Palau Pacific Resort, where a wedding package will cost you a mere $2,500 and include nearly everything you need to get married in style, such as floral arrangements, champagne, the marriage certificate, and a wedding coordinator.

Making the nuptials official is as simple as presenting a notarized affidavit and having it notarized by the American embassy. Along with the marriage application and license fee, this material will be handed over to the president to sign and make official. (And really, what's cooler than having Palau's leader give your marriage the stamp of approval?) More detailed marriage instructions can be found on Palau's official tourism website.


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