Top Ten College Towns

Crowned in history and school spirit, college towns are known for their captivating atmospheres and the residents' abiding devotion. Due to their overwhelming hospitality and unique community offerings, these top ten made our list of the most visit-worthy U.S. college towns.
Ithaca, New York
SUMMER STROLL: Students in Ithaca, New York, shop along Ithaca Commons, a popular college hangout (Downtown Partnership/Ithaca CVB)

Every so often, an intoxicating combination of American spirit, extreme natural beauty, and youthful charisma charms a town into being a haven for indubitable good times. Earthy Athens, Georgia, and its musical roots are evident in the town's beloved 40 Watt Club, where people gather for live shows almost every night of the week. For an outdoors paradise, head to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where waterfalls, suspension bridges, and four state parks are enough to keep even the most extreme outdoorsman satisfied. Head out West, where Boulder, Colorado, residents have some of the most mouthwatering sub shops, enjoy a plethora of local-brewsky serving breweries, and sit just a short carpool (it's all about the environment here) from the Rocky Mountains. Whether it's the surrounding rivers, lakes, and mountains; the first-class cuisines; or extreme devotion to their hometown football teams, these top ten college towns have that special something that makes magic…magic.

Published: 18 Mar 2010 | Last Updated: 24 Apr 2012
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