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Plzen, Czech Republic: Pilsner Urquell Beer
Czech Republic
Pilsner Urquell poured in the original glasses (Wikimedia Commons)

4. Plzen, Czech Republic: Pilsner Urquell Beer
Pilsner Urquell routinely comes up in conversations about the world's best beer. No big surprise there: The brewery has operated since 1842 in the town of Plzen, Czech Republic, where the pilsner style of beer reportedly was developed in the 19th century (although other varieties of beer were brewed here as early as 1307). The brewery tour combines the best of that history—including a tasting of filtered and non-pasteurized Pilsner Urquell directly from the barrels—with polished, updated exhibits more characteristic of a modern museum, like a panoramic film shown in a revolving auditorium. Touring the historic town is equally inspiring, highlighted by Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic architecture, including the 335-foot spire of Saint Bartholomew cathedral, the tallest cathedral spire in Bohemia.
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Published: 11 May 2009 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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