Top Ten Active Honeymoon Vacations

Biking through Bhutan

9. Bike to Monasteries in Bhutan
Hit the road with biking and trekking courses that visit local villages for a slice of culture in one of the world's most remote and unexplored countries. Nestled in the eastern Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is an enigma to many Westerners, primarily due to the unknown. Its tourism cap and the high price tag help keep its authenticity in tact (a fee of around $200 a day is required for all foreigners visiting the country). A Buddhist country steeped in religious practices, Bhutan's people lead a lifestyle rich in tradition and co-exist harmoniously with the area's nature, which includes water buffalo, blue sheep, elephants, and snow leopards.

Couples can stay in the Uma Paro Hotel, which is a haven for the jetsetter who likes to amp up the adrenaline during the day and relax with five-star service at night. Mountain biking and camping trips will highlight Bhutan's cultural facets by following paths that take guests through monasteries, markets, and more. Among other biking trips, Uma Paro also offers the Chele La Freewheel Descent, where guests are dropped off at the top of Chele La (11,000 feet), Bhutan's highest road pass. After taking in the magnificent views toward Mt. Jhomolhari, peeking over into the remote Haa Valley, you'll freewheel for 22 miles all the way back to Paro. The resort has adventure tours of 7 or 12 days in length on tap, as well, for those who desire more than mere day trips to the surrounding areas. It is said that Bhutanese measure their wealth in Gross National Happiness, so the joy and content of recently married duos reveling in its delights will only help that statistic spike.


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