Top Ten Active Honeymoon Vacations

Cruise the Arctic Circle

1. Cruise the Arctic Circle
If you've already seen Alaska and have done the South Sea, there's one great mass of ice you've porbably yet to conquer: Svalbard. A Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Circle, Svalbard's main island is Spitsbergen, which you can circumnavigate by way of expedition cruise. Before you turn up your nose at the thought of a cruise for your honeymoon, this isn't your granny's kitschy Caribbean carnival. While the food is tasty, there aren't endless buffets; while the scenery and occasional BBC documentary provide entertainment, you won't find casinos and musical productions either. Hurtigruten operates under the belief that Mother Nature should occupy center stage. You'll spy a host of wildlife as you jut in and out of fjords along the coast, from seals and minke whales to Arctic skua and puffins. And even though "expedition" is the concept, your comfort certainly won't suffer: The rooms are as nice (maybe more so) as you'll find on any cruise ship worldwide.

Trek through arctic tundra and desert, "oohing" and "ahhing" at the reindeer and foxes you'll see along the way; make zodiac landings at many a glacier; explore a near ghost town in the mining station of Barentsburg and the world's northernmost settlement of Ny-Alesund; visit the walrus and bird sanctuary, Moffen Island, at 80 degrees north; and strip down to your skivvies for a dip in the Arctic Ocean and your official "Polar Bear" certificate. Speaking of polar bears, keep your eyes peeled at all times for the King of the Arctic, as 3,000 of the white beasts roam Svalbard. Along with a week on the ship, you can spend a day or two in Longyearbyen, from where you'll fly in and out, and ride aboard a real-live working dog sled, or tack on some extra time along coastal Norway, where the outdoors opportunities among the fjords are endless.

Published: 1 Dec 2009 | Last Updated: 14 Apr 2011
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