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For aspiring timeshare owners, there are several spots to brush up on the basics and learn about up-and-coming resorts.

Several timeshare user groups have message boards where you can ask questions and hear experiences from timeshare owners. The Timeshare Users' Group (www.tug2.net) offers information from owners about properties, exchanges, and timeshare experiences; other options include TS Tips (www.tstips.com) and the UK-based Timeshare Consumers Association (www.timeshare.org.uk).

Several online and print publications, too, can help get you started. The Timeshare Beat (www.thetimesharebeat.com) has news updates and columns. The bimonthly magazine TimeSharing Today (www.tstoday.com) runs reviews of timesharing resorts and exchange companies. Lisa Ann Schreier's books, Timeshare Vacations for Dummies and Surviving a Timeshare Presentation . . . Confessions from the Sales Table , offer timeshare information and insights from a former timeshare salesperson.

Published: 1 Mar 2006 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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