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Spring Skiing: Oregon and the Alps
The wonder of skiing in Oregon is that it's only nominally a "winter sport." The state has the longest ski season in the lower 48, so you can make plans to shoosh down the slopes in spring proper, and often into May. If you want something a bit more exotic, the Swiss, Italian, and Austrian Alps are stunning ski meccas—I've seen snow bunnies hitting the glaciers in the shadow of the Matterhorn as late as August. So, if you still want to don those shorts and sunglasses, but feel much more comfortable with snow under your feet than sand, it's not too late.

Jungle Fever: Costa Rica
It’s almost become a travel cliché, but that's all the more reason to put this Central American spot on your list. Costa Rica's beaches are only outshone by its rainforest, and that's not even mentioning the volcanic action that abounds. If for nothing else, challenge yourself with the zipline at Monteverde National Park, a wild ride over the canopy at breakneck speed.
Dive, He Said: Go Deep in the Caribbean
The Caribbean is another spring break cliché, but break out of the pack with some great diving adventures. From shore diving on Bonaire to snuba off of St. John (that's no typo—it's a cross between snorkeling and diving), to the world-class walls of the Caymans, the azure-blue waters will draw you in.

Get a Little Class With a Learning Vacation
The trend these days is not to fritter away those vacation days, but gain a little knowledge while you're relaxing. It can be a lifelong dream, like learning to sail or taking the perfect picture, or, dare I say it, plunge you back into a classroom, albeit a much more interesting one, to learn Spanish or Greek within the space of one week. Hands on, minds on, they say, so come back better from this year’s spring break.

Cruise with a Twist: Windjamming
Speaking of cruises, you may not be able to imagine yourself on the open seas with 800 of your soon-to-be closest friends and mounds of food. But add some sails, scale down the hundreds to ten real friends, and make it a cruising adventure of the ages. Your best bet for a maritime adventure? The warm waters of the Caribbean. (The more traditional sails along the coast of Maine and Nova Scotia are summer pursuits, if you can wait.)

Get Rolling: Bike Utah
You didn't really want to lie on the beach and relax; it's adventure you want. And Moab delivers, in spades, for the hale and hearty mountain biker. The drama of the landscape, with age-old canyons carved by mighty rivers, is worth the trip; the test of making the grade is even better.

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