Five Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ in Buenos Aires

Number Three: With the perfect gift
By Mark Chesnut for PASSPORT Magazine
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Shopping Resources
Bolivia: Trendy men's clothing.

Bombonella Casa del Chocolate: Reasonably priced and very tempting chocolates.

Buenos Aires Design: Shopping mall focusing on home décor and design.

Calma Chicha: Creative Argentinian design in home décor, men's and women's wear, and children's wear and toys.

Compañía de Chocolates: Upscale chocolate confections, beautifully presented.

Dogma: Contemporary local art.

El Cid: Men's clothing, with traditional style.

Fábrica de Bananas: A hip clothing store/art gallery/lounge with original designer creations.

Humawaca: Contemporary leather goods for men and women.

Think Pink: Stylish and sexy clothing for women.

Buenos Aires is a shopper's paradise, so it's never difficult to find gifts to melt anyone's heart.Clothes hounds will certainly appreciate your good taste when you give them Argentinian designer wear. You can spend hours wandering the shops in Palermo Soho—top stops include Bolivia, a popular purveyor of trendy men's wear, and El Cid, which is a bit more traditional. Think Pink carries accessories and sexy, stylish clothing for women.

Also in Palermo Soho is Humawaca, which puts a contemporary spin on traditional Argentinian leather goods. It's the place to go for belts, women's purses, and men's shoulder bags. With such fresh designs, this ain't your daddy's leather (unless you give it to your daddy).

Calma Chicha, also in Palermo Soho, serves up original Argentinian design in home décor, as well as clothing for men, women, and children. You can even pick up some interesting toys here for the kids.

In nearby Palermo Hollywood, duck into Fábrica de Bananas (literally, the Banana Factory) to pick up original artwork as well as a variety of offbeat designer fashions for men and women.

If your other half is the type who can't get enough of HGTV, head to Buenos Aires Design, a large shopping mall dedicated to home décor and design. You may not want to lug a kitchen sink back on the plane with you, but you'll find plenty of interesting creations on a smaller scale. Dogma, for example, carries interesting contemporary artwork that makes for good gifts.

For some people, chocolate is the ultimate love potion—and they will be sated in Buenos Aires. Compañía de Chocolates creates stylish chocolate confections, with flavors imported from around the globe. The more reasonably priced Bombonella Casa del Chocolate is not the most glamorous place, but they have every imaginable variation of homemade chocolates (you can even spell out "I Love You"), and they are quick to greet customers with irresistible free samples.

Published: 11 Aug 2008 | Last Updated: 22 Jan 2013
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