Common Hebrew Phrases



Do you speak english? Ata medaber anglit?
How to get to...? Eich Magi'im le…?
What is tour name? Eych korim lecha?
Picture Tmuna
Nice to meet you Nayim Mayod
What time is it? Ma hasha'a?
How much does this cost? Kama ze ole?
The bill, please. Cheshbon, bevakasha
All right/ o.k. Beseder
Please Bevakasha
Thank you Toda
I Ani
Mine Sheli
You Ata (m), At (f)
Excuse me Sleecha
Good Evening Erev tov
Good morning Boker tov
Hello/Goodbye Shalom
Bon apetite Bete'avon
Hebrew Ivrit
Post Office Do'ar
What is this? Ma zeh?
A cup of tea Kos Te
A cup of coffee Kos Kafe
What? Ma?
What's Up? Ma kore?
How are you? Ma nishma?
What's new? Ma chadash?
When? Matai?
Where? Eyfo?
Why? Lama?
Yes Ken
No Lo
I do not understand Ani lo Mevin
To where? L'aan?
Ice Cream Glida
Water Mayim
Great (slang) Achla/ Sababa
Taxi Monit
Shopping Center Canyon
Restrooms Sherutim
Car Oto
Bus Otobous
Money Kesef
ATM Caspomat
Do you have? Yesh lecha?
Hotel Malon
I love Israel Ani Ohev et Israel

Information provided by the Israel Ministry Of Tourism

Published: 31 Jan 2006 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication

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