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Summer Guide to California's Parks
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There are a number of easy ways to maximize your family-travel dollar and time together at a theme park. Most parks allow guests to purchase and print out tickets online ahead of time, so that you can avoid standing in line once you arrive. The internet is a wonderful resource for finding discounted admission to the parks, too. As a quick example, Universal Studios' website currently offers $10 off general admission day passes, while Six Flags Magic Mountain slashes $20 off its usual $60 fee if you book online ahead of time.

Most parks have options so families do not have to spend their entire visit waiting in line for attractions. Explore the options of free fast passes or consider purchasing the front-of-line pass -- it may seem pricey, but you'll be grateful once you're there and getting the most out of your day.

Preparation is the key to any successful family visit to an amusement park. Map out your day to go against traffic when you arrive in the park -- human nature sends people directly to the big, new attractions, so think outside the herd mentality and you'll enjoy yourself all the more. Bring along a plastic bag for your cell phone and camera to use on water rides. Always have a meeting place in case you get separated or want to split up. And lastly, stay hydrated and pace yourselves!

Published: 27 Jul 2006 | Last Updated: 2 May 2012
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