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Arvo: Afternoon
Barbie: Barbeque
Barney: Fight or scuffle
Belt up: Shut up
Berko: Angry
Big Smoke: City
Bitumen: Paved road
Bonnet: Car hood
Boot: Trunk
Brekkie: Breakfast
Brown Off: To make angry
Cask: Wine box
Chuck a Berko: Express extreme anger
Corroboree: Aboriginal meeting, with ceremonial dancing
Cozzie: Bathing suit (in New South Wales - from "bathing costume")
Crack Onto: Chat up someone, hit on someone
Dag: Dirty lump of wool at the back end of a sheep, also an affectionate or mildly abusive term for a socially inept person; uncool
Dunny: Outdoor bathroom
Esky: Cooler
Evo: Evening
Freshie: Fresh-water crocodile
Galah: Noisy idiot (after a noisy, bright-colored parrot)
Good on Ya: Well done
Handle: Medium-sized beer in a glass with a handle
Like a Bandicoot on a Burnt Ridge: Lonely and vulnerable
Like a Dunny in a Desert: To stand out
Lollies: Candy or sweets (from "lollipops")
Middy: A 10-oz glass of beer in NSW and Queensland; 7 oz in WA
Mozzie: Mosquito
Old Cheese: Mother
Pokies: Gambling machines, common in most hotels
Pot: A 10-oz glass of beer in Victoria, WA, and Queensland
Prozzie: Prostitute
Ride the Porcelain Bus: Vomit
Road Train: Multi-trailered semi truck (legal only in Northern Territory)
Saltie: Salt-water crocodile
Schooner: A 15-oz glass of beer in NSW and Queensland; 9 oz in SA
Sheila: Female or woman
Slab: A 24-pack of beer
Snapping Log: Crocodile
Stir the Possum: Tease or deliberately cause trouble

Thunder Box: Toilet

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